Phalaborwa Tourism Safety Tips

1. While Traveling:

a. When traveling, always be vigilant and alert. Pay attention to what is going on around you and who might be giving you more attention than appropriate, not only while walking around but also for any suspicious vehicles.

b. Make sure that you have directions to your destination. Some rural areas do not have dependable WIFI or Cell reception Coverage and Map Apps should be available offline.

c. Make sure you have contact details of the Establishment or person you have booked with so you can reach them after hours.

d. When traveling, it is advisable to arrive at your destination before sunset. If you are going to be late, make sure that the establishment is aware and knows what time to expect you.

e. Do not stop on the side of the road in isolated areas for long periods of time. If you are tired, rather book in at a nearby establishment.

2. In Phalaborwa Town:

a. When parking your car make sure you park in safe, well-lit areas and do not leave valuables visible in
the car.

b. Double-check manually that the doors are locked before you walk away. Do not assume that the car is locked by just pressing the button. Especially in Shopping mall parking areas remote car jamming of doors could occur.

c. It is preferable to withdraw cash at an ATM in a more secure location such as a hotel or shopping mall or even at the larger grocery store cashiers. Avoid using ATMs at night or on the street.

d. Be vigilant when approaching a Stop Street or Traffic Lights after dark.

e. While you are driving ensure that your car doors are locked, and the windows are closed.

f. When paying with a Credit Card, make sure the card never leaves your sight. Most Businesses have portable swipe machines. If they don’t, accompany that person to the machine.

g. Do not carry large sums of money on you.

h. Keep personal belonging such as handbags and backpacks secure at all times

3. What to do if you need assistance:

a. If you are in an area where there are buildings, find the closest business or Tourism Establishment and ask for help.

b. For either Medical and Criminal emergencies contact the Phalaborwa Community Police Forum at +27 (0)71 044 4850.

c. If you are on the road these three phone numbers are available anywhere in South Africa:
● Police Emergency Dial 10111
● 112 can be dialled on any cell phone, whether you have airtime or not, and you will be transferred to a call centre that will connect you to the nearest emergency service.
● Dial 10177 is for medical emergencies or Ambulance response.

4. Contact Details:

a. Marula Med Health Centre open 24 hr Contact nr 015 781 0340 at 33 Park Street, Phalaborwa

b. Pharmacies: Van Heerden Pharmacy -27 (0) 15 781 0691 Eden Square, Palm Street Phalaborwa

Clicks Pharmacy: Customer Service Centre +27 (0) 0860 254257 at Shop 43, Eden Square, Cnr Nelson Mandela and Palm str,Phalaborwa Pharmacy +27(0) 015 781 1416 at 20 Palm Avenue Phalaborwa

c. Dentists:
Venter JA & Partners +27 (0)15 7810623 at 24 Kiaat Str,Phalaborwa

d. Ambulance:
TEMS 911: +27 (0)61 545 2131
Government Ambulance: +27 (0)15 769 4011 Stanley Medical Team EMS +27(0) 73 534 2359

e. Fire Brigade:
+27 (0)15 781 1333 or +27(0)15 781 7008

f. South African Police Service Phalaborwa Station +27(0)781 9277 or (0) 79 891 2423